With Polo.TV we want  to promote the polo sport by bringing you Live and On Demand coverage of the best polo tournaments in the world.
It is setup specially for the polo players worldwide.

This is a thrilling challenge which we cannot do without the support of various sponsors.
The site is setup specially for the polo players worldwide.
So if you want to reach these very exclusive group of people, you can sponsor this site by a banner with the logo of your company on the home site.

If you are a polo club or polo event organizing company and have already interesting polo matches on a streaming server or  You Tube let us know.
We will place them free of costs!
Your polo club and tournament sponsors will support this when the polo event is "broadcasted" worldwide.

We can also help you record, broadcast worldwide and monetize your polo event. We have connections worldwide.
If you have any questions about polo or comments on this site, please e-mail me.

We hope you enjoy the game of polo as much as we do!


Jim Souren

E-mail: info@polo.tv
Jim Souren